Sunday, May 2, 2010

Arad 8


So Tuesday 4/27 - first proper day of volunteering. i got to the art colony at 10 and no one was in my room so i waited 5 mins before calling Ronit, my volunteering lady, so no one was coming into so i worked at Kangaroo--the maternity and kids clothing store--they design and cut the fabric plus sell the clothing. Jessica was working with the cutting lady and i was in the shop. I hung up a ton of clothing, organized and cleaned. It was nice being in a business again. I had left my purse with jessica's in the cutting room and jessica showed it to them. which would be fine except that it is now 5 years old and falling a part :( We were supposed to have an apartment meeting but someone fell asleep--Shai. I think that Jessica and I did laundry. Katie came over, jess katie and i made cookies with our initials--JRKs!

Weds 4/28 - We had Lunch and Learn with Sinai which was okay. We went home and just hung out i think? We had to pack for the overnight. We left at 7:30 and went for a night hike. I love the night, i love nature, and hiking. it was a lot of fun. i really wished that had some mint lifesavers b/c they light up in the dark when you bite them. only jessica knew about it as well. the guide told cool stories. we went through this crack that looked like it was from the britney spears music video/or californian deserts, that are formed by water. we got to this clearing and sat down while she told us about the sex life of leopards, 100x/day when they do have sex. something about israeli tour guides and when you are in nature they tell you about the sex life of some animal. she also made chai tea:) we somehow lost the group and shai was mad at us but we were on the path so we were fine. we all met up again and then went to the campsite and had dinner--soup, chicken, fries and salad. There were tents to set up, but the tents just pop up it was so funny to see. Jessica Katie and I were in one. instead of being social and going to the bonfire we fell asleep..but it was like 2 in the morning. we woke up and three and got into bed.

Thurs 4/29 - Marava kids wake us up. It was their field week, so they hadn't showered and were pretty bruised up but it was good to see them. Cara had a sprained ankle so she wasn't there but others were. Leah gave Nicola a carrot--she was a happy camper. We had breakfast--cereal and made sandwiches for lunch and then got on the bus to go to Nitzanim beach--the beach of boombamilla in ashkelon. We got to spend like 3 hours on the beach which was really, really nice. erin got buried. katie found a shell for her necklace. it was good fun. we then went back to arad.

We just hung out in the apartment then had a movie night where we watched a lot of parts of movies--wet hot american summer, fame, mr and mrs smith. we didn't finish any of them. i packed for shabbat and lag b'omer in tsfat

tsfat to be continued....with jessica

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