Sunday, May 2, 2010

Arad 5

...Continuation of Adventures with Jordan in Israel

(4/8) Thursday - Jordan and I woke up early and grabbed a bus to Tel Aviv. The bus was packed so we sat on the exit area steps for the door in the back. we snoozed and listened to music. As we were entering the station a guard came on and kicked off an Arab, I had never experienced that before and I didn't know what was going on. Jordan and I grabbed a taxi to the hostel in Yafo where we could drop off our things. During the taxi ride I pointed out where the family that I taught English to lives and other spots. We dropped off our bags, grabbed a map and walked to the Clock Tower in Yafo where we grabbed lunch at Abulaffia. We had a nice israeli meal of humus, falafel, and different salads. We then walked around Old Yafo, which reminded Jordan a lot of home. We walked along the coast, I thought that we were only going to walk for a little bit but we ended up walking all the way to Tel Aviv. We walked up Alenby, around Sheinkin, then randomly through some neighborhoods before we grabbed a taxi to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. The museum had an exhibit all on Degas' statues. I had no idea how many he had created, and not just ballerinas. all on different scales. they were beautiful. and the regular exhibits of the museum were beautiful with famous artists from all over the world intermixed with Israeli artists. we really enjoyed how it was just a conglomeration of just about everything. we were really tired when we finished there but we did walk over to the opera house to see if anything was playing that evening--nothing was--so we didn't see a opera. we took a bus back to the hostel and took a nap and then got dressed and took a bus to Bat Yam. I wasn't sure of this bus line and where was the best stop so we just got off wherever i felt like(a common thread in any area with me when i'm not positive of the stops) so we had to walk a bit to the boardwalk, we then walked along the boardwalk to Japanika where we had an evening of Sushi. I had a menu in Ivrit and Jordan had one in English, so Jordan ordered in English and then when it was my turn in Ivrit the waiter wrote out in English the hebrew, it was funny. I explained the different points of Bat Yam. Ironically this was the first time I had been at this Japanika. We then headed home for some sleep.

(4/9) Friday- Jordan and I woke up at 8:30 for breakfast and then went back to bed for a hour. I showered and work Jordan up and then we headed out for the beach. We sat and relaxed, I read, and Jordan looked at shells. Then we got up and walked to Neve Tsedek, a 100 year old neighborhood that is just adorable. I want to live there--a bunch of little cottages, shops, and literally a 5 min wlk from the beach. So we then walked to a bus stop to go to tel aviv. but realized that we were a 5 min walk from the bottom of the shook. So we walked through the shook, very slowly--Jordan needed to take many pictures, and it was just crowded. So the girls were coming back from the all YC Siyyur so we kept in touch and trying to figure out when and where to meet up and the deal with the hostel--the plan was for jessica(jordan wouldn't be staying with me:( ) and to stay with me and then Katie to sneak in but since more people were coming, they couldn't all crash with me, so they got another room. Jordan and i walked along Rothschild--one of my favorite roads--and saw some art theater groups and lots of people biking, mothers with strollers and what not. we then walked along sheinkin, and then we saw puppies being sold so we got to play with them for a while. we then watched these israelis doing some kind of brazilian martial arts for a while. jessica and cara met up with us and we played with puppies some more. we then went to the piercing place to say hi to our old friends and then we wanted to go get falafel but superfalafel was closed so we--jordan, jessica, katie, cara, leah, and me--got burgers at some place on nachalat binyamin. we walked along nachalat binyamin and then we took the bus back to the hostel to just hang out, and rest up before Jordan's flight. i crashed and fell asleep. i felt bad about being asleep during Jordan's last few hours with me in Israel but i was burnt out. Leah came with Jordan and I to the airport. We got there like an hour before she was even able to board so we just hung out at the coffee place--nothing was really open b/c it was shabbat. Jordan and i said our tearful goodbyes and then Leah and I left back for the hostel.

Our shabbat dinner was challah and peanut butter. we were going to go out but we were just all tired so we spent the evening in the room just hanging out.

Saturday (4/10) We woke up and went to breakfast, leah had gone to benadicts. we made sandwhichs for the day with breakfast food and then walked to the beach in Tel Aviv. We were going to do some israeli dancing but i just laid out in the and read the Bel Jar, which i had bought at the used book store in Rechavia. Shabbat came to a close, we walked back to the hostel grabbed our things and walked to the bus station to go back to Arad.

so much more to blog--just under a month behind!

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