Sunday, March 14, 2010

Arad 1

Wow! I am really behind in blogging. We have moved to Arad and already been here for like two weeks!

Let me recap:
I left off at the Jerusalem Leadership seminar - it was really informative and i am working on a project that i can work on in college, wherever that may be.

The end of Bat Yam was really sad. On my last day of volunteering the students of my favorite class surprised Anna and I with food, songs, cards, and just hanging out. We took some pictures and they continued to try to get our last names to add us on Facebook, which i still won't do.

We had to cook everything in the apartment so it was a lot of food. We stayed up practically all night cleaning, eating, drinking champagne, eating ice cream, and watching the Notebook with Shir.

When we had to say goodbye to Shir, our scout, and all the other scouts was so sad. Plus I wasn't feeling well, which led to me being sick for my first week in Arad.

OH! and i forgot about Purim and Shevet weekend. So the last weekend of February was a Shevet weekend Ein Tziurim, a Kibbutz/hostel, kindof by Jerusalem, It was one of the better Shevet weekends because it was a smaller group and we all wanted to be there. Rabbi Menachem from Har Nof with his wife and kids were there the whole time teaching us. And i got to hold their baby, i hadn't held a baby in ages! it was so nice, i didn't want to let him go. We learned about purim, had some alcohol--one shot of arak goes straight to my head, and with Menachem's wife the girls talked about women today and their roles and what not. Throughout the shabbat I was sewing my silver cape into a dresss (yes, i know its muksa) for purim. As a group we heard the Magilla reading with those on the Kibbutz. It was a different experience from home. i miss rabbi goldstein and his clown costume, and paul with his red pimp outfit, and all the other regulars. with kids stealing alcohol and we all hurried home to Bat Yam to get ready for the Purim/Birthday party for Tova and Monique.

For purim the JRKs were characters from the Wizard of Oz, accordingly. Jessica doesn't have any courage--the Lion. Katie doesn't haven't a brain--the Scarecrow. And I don't have a heart--the Tin Man. We all went to OZ and found each other. So we may have dranken too much that night and don't remember what happened. But Sunday morningish we went to Aroma and reworked the night like in the Hangover or Dude, Where's my Car! It was an experience, one which I'd rather not relive. Sunday, being Feb 28 was a special day for me and I didn't want to be hungover and/or wake up drunk but that is life. Jessica and I returned to our apartment to pack for Jerusalem and took a little nap so we ended up missing a bit of the Shevet reading of the Magilla. Jessica's dad and brother flew into Israel that day and we (Michal+JRKs) met up with them for dinner at Bar Burgers (where i first saw my parents). Michal missed the 18 to tel aviv to got the 19 and grabbed our 18 on alendbe, it was quite funny watching her run after the bus.

ARAD - packing for arad wasn't that bad plus i found my red castro head band. There are about 3 bars here, a mall, and some restaurants. I'm living with jessica leah nicola michal and cara. it is a nice apartment, about 15 min walk from the ulpan building. and of course i'm in the same room with jessica. we are sad that we aren't with katie but we are always with her.

arad's schedule is very different from bat yam. we are in classes alllllday long for a month and then we will be volunteering for two months.
standard day in arad:
wake up
ulpan 9:45-1
Jewish Medical Ethics 2:30 or :45 depending on day-4:15
Run with Katie, Raquel, Elana, and Jessica on track
Tanach 5:30-7:00
dinner and what not

Our first shabbat here was closed. We made shabbat as an apartment-Nicola cooked, I wasn't feeling well. It was delicious. Saturday we hiked as a group to a look out point. Seriously, everywhere you look in Arad, like any direction you see desert. It is pretty cool. Only in Israel do you see art work and sculptures on a hike in the middle of no where. I'm looking forward to more desert and hikes.

This week's recap: Sun-Weds classes (Sun was first day of an all day of school since freshman year) Weds night YC party in Jerusalem, Thursday Kfar Chabad to learn about Matza, bus from TLV to Jerusalem, Thursday night Ben Yehuda with the girls + Joe and Theo, + section 2ers+mike. Friday morning breakfast at Tal Bagels with Mike + special guest of Ami. Bus to Ramat Beit Shemesh with JRKs to spend with Raanan and Sharon. Lovely shabbat. Train to TLV then Beer Sheva, then bus to Arad. Lots and lots of traveling. And on return to Arad we learn that Leah and Jessica has lice. So much for going to bed early....

I had come up with a brilliant idea regarding break only to be crushed by the fact that we have a shevet weekend before break. so much for that.

I'll be better about posting.
KUMA, Poland kids are leaving tonight for a week!