Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bat Yam 9...

Hello Everyone,

I just got back from a run with Jessica and Katie and I have a little bit of time while I am waiting for Jessica to shower so that I can. On the way home from the run and into our apartment building I ran into three of my students and they all said "hi" to me. They were carrying two rabbits so we talked for a little bit. They live next door.

A few things that I forgot to mention last week: two Thursdays ago I went to Jerusalem to visit Becky from home. She is doing a highschool semester here on a kibbutz. She is crazy busy and I was only able to see her for about 1.5 hrs. I then took a taxi from the Kibbutz to the Central Bus Station to take a bus to Beit Ar-El where I got to sleep in my old room--in Jessica's former bed. The girl who is currently sleeping in my bed is named Rachel and she is volunteering at Yad LaKashish. Friday morning I got up relatively early and walked to Emek Refaim to get coffee at my favorite place--The Coffee Mill. The guy who worked there last time who thought that I was a counselor with him at Ramah wasn't there but it was still a good Chai Latte. I then sat and read in a park and called to plan times with Jessica. This sketchy guy came to talk to me so I got up, left and went to the bus station. I got off at the shook. (almost hit by a bus). and made my way to the other end to buy ruggula from marsipan. I then walked to the Central Bus Station, and I made it to Jessica and the awaiting bus just in the nick of time. I was one of the people.....shower bye.

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